LEAD AGE, Inc. is an apartment rental management company in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Nagoya Special Plan|Management fee: 0 yen/month!

Special Plan
The plan is so popular that real estate companies also use it, and owners can use it directly!
Special PlanSpecial Plan
LEAD AGE, Inc. has prepared a special "0 yen property management fee" plan. Please consider this plan if you have any concerns regarding property management, occupancy, delinquent collection, or renovation.
LEAD AGE Features
LEAD AGE FeaturesLEAD AGE Features
Special Plan
Terms and Conditions
□ Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe Area
□ A condominium for rent
□ Less than 30 years old
□ New Owner
□ Property with a rent guarantee company
□ Apartment buildings and condominiums are also acceptable.
*Bank transfer fee required per account
Do you have
any of these problems?
LEAD AGE will solve all of your problems!
Our company provides complete support for complicated operations! We handle all aspects of real estate rental management. All the owner has to do is to confirm the rent every month!
The younger the building is, the fewer claims there are actually! That's why we can offer this special plan! Please take advantage of this opportunity!
We can take care of all of the following tasks
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Why Choose Us?

occupancy rate 96%
occupancy rate 96%
Through our partnerships with brokers, corporations, and university co-ops, we are able to place tenants within an average of two months. In terms of sales, we maintain a 96% occupancy rate (as of October 2019) by emphasizing our close ties to the local community, making neighborhood visits to brokers, distributing flyers, and conducting extensive advertising. Filling vacancies (properties that have been vacant for two months) quickly and ensuring a high occupancy rate are essential for rental management stability.

LEAD AGE Network
Nationwide network of real estate agents
Nationwide network of real estate agents
We are registered as a member of the Real Estate Information Network (Raines), and send and receive information on vacant properties and other information with real estate agents nationwide
Approach local real estate agents
Approach local real estate agents
Around vendors by sales staff in charge, making promotional flyers on the Internet, posting, etc
Corporate Housing Agency Services
Corporate Housing Agency Services
Brokerage of company housing properties, contracting procedures, tenant management, rent control, renewal procedures, cancellation settlements, etc
Cooperation with University Co-ops
Cooperation with University Co-ops
Brokerage, contract procedures, tenant management, rent control, renewal procedures, cancellation settlements, etc. for student apartments

collection rate of delinquent accounts 100%
collection rate of delinquent accounts 100%
(*Property with a rent guarantee company)
If delinquency occurs, we respond immediately. In order to eliminate the risk of delinquency, we have entered into cooperation with a guarantee company and have achieved a 100% delinquency collection rate (*as of October 2019).

Rent arrears are a frequent problem with tenants.
If this problem is not addressed as soon as possible after it occurs, the delinquency period will lengthen and become more difficult to address in proportion to the passage of time. There are two main types of delinquency cases: negligent and intentional, but the latter is by far the most difficult to deal with. In the case of negligence, the cause is an accidental lack of deposit balance in the debit account or forgetting the deposit due date, and since the borrower has the intention to pay, most delinquent borrowers will accept payment simply by contacting them directly. It is very troublesome when it is intentional. Delinquent borrowers who fall into this category are not affected by direct contact, and anyone who continues to make half-hearted demands can become a habitual offender. In such cases, it is reasonable to consider contract cancellation or litigation as a last resort, but we would like to save such time and costs if possible.

What is effective in such cases is content-certified mail.
The content-certified mail can be issued with the names of attorneys, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, etc., and will also serve as effective evidence if a lawsuit is later developed. Such legal documents can show the owner's strong will, and above all, they have the great meaning of putting psychological pressure on the delinquent owner. If you are able to successfully contact the owner by content-certified mail, you can discuss resumption of rent payments, and if an agreement is reached, record the promise as a notarial deed. The notary deed has the role of ensuring that the agreement does not end as a mere verbal promise, but it also has the merit of including a notarized statement of acceptance of compulsory execution, which can be used to enforce the payment of rent in case the debt is not fulfilled after the agreement is made. The reason why this kind of legal action is necessary in the first place is because there are no guarantees in place covering the owner's side.

We have a guarantee company that we require our clients to join, and we promise to cover 100% of the rent arrears. Please contact us even if you are having trouble with rent arrears.

Remodeling Revolution
Remodeling Revolution
By having our own contractors, we are able to provide low-cost and speedy restoration work. In addition, our experienced experts who are in attendance at the move-out will clearly separate the landlord's burden from the tenant's burden based on the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, so that the average cost to the owner is in the 50,000 yen range.

There is a reason why we are chosen.
Low prices are realized by our own remodeling department.
Our experienced craftsmen will increase the occupancy rate of the property.

Takumi Reform×Ability to attract LEAD AGE customers

What is Takumi Renovate?
What is Takumi Renovate?
Unlike normal restoration work, Takumi renovation aims to "increase occupancy rates" and "secure long-term tenants" by redecorating the cloths with stylish designs and replacing facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets with more convenient products during renovation. In addition, since the remodeling can differentiate the property from other properties or within the same property, "rent increase " can be expected depending on the contents of the remodeling. The cost of renovation is almost the same as the cost of restoring the property to its original condition, so you can manage a stable condominium without spending a lot of money.

Property management fee 0 yen
Property management fee 0 yen
(Conditions) Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe area, condominiums for sale, properties for new owners built within 30 years, and under the above conditions, the management fee is 0 yen. The reason for this is that there are fewer problems with newer properties than with older properties, which is why the 0 yen management fee was achieved. This is an attractive feature for those who plan to purchase a new rental property that is younger than the building age, as it allows us to deal with any problems that may arise without incurring any costs.
Please feel free to contact us.

Support 24 hours
24-hour housing support service
(365 days a year)
The secret to avoiding vacancies is to create a supportive environment that is highly satisfactory and preferred by tenants. Water, gas, and electrical facilities will eventually deteriorate or break down, no matter how careful you are. How quickly you can respond to problems with such facilities will lead to higher tenant satisfaction.

We offer a 24-hour support service to quickly solve all kinds of problems that tend to occur with rental facilities, such as malfunctions of water, gas, and electrical equipment, broken windows, and lost keys.

for tenants Preferential treatment
Resident Coupon
We present tenants with even more attractive offers. Our company issues nationwide coupons for tenant special offers, which cover a wide range of genres such as hotels, gourmet food, car rentals, and more. Due to the nature of renting an apartment, it is very effective to keep tenants happy and enjoy the more they live in an apartment, the more they can save. Please consider taking rental management one step further.
Testimonials from our customers
Mr. N
Mr. N
We are able to leave the residents in good hands because they are able to tell us about their situation each time.
Mr. Y
Mr. Y
After using the company, I realized that a rent guarantee company is indispensable for rental management.
Mr. S
Mr. S
The company was very helpful in smoothly coordinating the move-out of our tenants.
Mr. T
Mr. T
We can trust them to act with us and the residents in mind.
Compare with other companies
Monthly rent of 76,000 yen Company A Company B our company
Monthly rent 76,000 yen 76,000 yen 76,000 yen
administration fee 3,150 yen 5% of rent 0 yen!
Monthly transfer amount 72,850 yen 72,200 yen 76,000 yen
Annual transfer amount 874,200 yen 866,400 yen 912,000 yen
[Comparison with Company A: We save 37,800 yen per year! For 10 years, we save about 370,000 yen!
If you own 3 properties, you save about 1,130,000 yen over 10 years!
Flow of Request
From the form
Please apply
From the form Please apply
Please contact us first by filling out our application form.
From our company
We will contact you
From our company We will contact you
We will confirm the content and discuss in detail whether it meets your requirements.
If there are no problems
we will sign the contract.
If there are no problems we will sign the contract.
Once you are satisfied with the contents of the plan, we will move on to the contracting process.
This plan is so popular that even real estate companies use it!
The most important thing in rental management is to entrust a reliable management company.
We are a company specializing in rental management and
have established a complete support system with rental real estate business managers.

We welcome your inquiries about vacancies, arrears, and other rental management issues.
We hope you will take this opportunity to entrust us with your property management needs.